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What Are Granite Products?
Feb 10, 2018

Natural Granite products according to the different processing methods can be divided into:

Chopping axe PLATE: stone surface by hand chopping axe processing, surface roughness, with the rule of the stripes, rough surface texture, used for non-slip ground, steps, pedestal and so on.

Machine planing PLATE: Stone surface mechanical planer, surface level, there are parallel to the plane cut pattern, used for similar use with chopping ax plate, but the surface texture is more delicate.

Coarse grinding PLATE: stone surface after rough grinding, smooth matte, mainly for the need for soft light effect of the wall, cylinder, stairs, pedestal and so on.

Polished sheet: Stone surface after fine grinding and polishing processing, surface smooth and bright, granite crystal structure texture clear, colorful color, used for the need for high gloss smooth surface effect of the wall, ground and cylindrical surface.

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