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The Development Of Marble Tiles
Feb 10, 2018

Natural marble has always been high-grade decorative materials, but as the product of nature inevitably exist a variety of defects, such as: large color difference, many flaws, easy infiltration, difficult to care, high prices, supply cycle long and so on.

In order to solve these problems, and to bring consumers a "real marble effect, the advantages of ceramic tile" products, 2009, Marble Tiles This category officially launched the market, since then, marble tiles with a natural marble with lifelike texture, Its decorative effect compared to natural marble can be said to have been, but also in the waterproof rate, smoothness, flexural strength and other practical performance is remarkable.

Therefore, the superior performance made marble tiles by the vast number of consumers recognized to speed up the development of the ceramic tile market to become a dark horse.

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