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Methods To Reduce The Damage Of Granite
Feb 10, 2018

1. When choosing stone, we must make clear the radioactive and harmful gas index of stone, and keep indoor ventilation after decoration, and keep indoor ventilation is the most effective way to reduce the harm.

2. In the indoor display plant, when the indoor television or computer startup, negative oxygen ions will rapidly reduce, and cactus, Ling, such as the stem of the fleshy stems of the day off, open at night, in the absorption of carbon dioxide at the same time, release oxygen, so that the indoor air anion concentration increased.

3. Green with fruit plant bonsai, fruit is the best deodorant, such as pears, oranges, cantaloupe, pumpkin, etc., will bring fruit plant bonsai in the new house, both environmental protection, fragrance and natural, but also beneficial to health.

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