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A Variety Of Stone Conservation Methods
Feb 10, 2018

1. Marble. Soft, acid and alkaline, resistance to weathering is poor, easy to absorb oil, water and other liquids, easy to be scratched, polished marble the best protection is in marble before use, with permeable waterproof oil protective agent for the advance protection, the daily use of neutral detergent regular cleaning, do not use acid cleaning agent cleaning.

2. Limestone. Easy to absorb oil and other water-based liquids, easy to be scratched and acidic material corrosion, more than marble more easily contaminated, most limestone has porous and absorbent. Can be used daily use neutral cleaning agent regular cleaning.

3. Granite. Dark color, acid and alkali resistance, strong weathering, but its surface also has pores, water absorption is strong, will also be contaminated, the first to use permeable protective agent for the pretreatment, daily use of neutral or weak acid cleaning agent.

4, man-made stone. Apply to the ground, cooking stove and other places, daily maintenance can use neutral or weak alkaline cleaning agent.

In addition, if the light color stone maintenance needs extra intention, usually should be done before the installation of permeable protective treatment, the future maintenance of the use of neutral or weak alkaline stone cleaning agent.

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