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What is the difference between granite tiles and marble tiles?
Sep 13, 2018

Marble tiles and granite tiles are all decorative tiles for architectural decoration and decoration. Both have different textures, textures, and application areas.

Texture: Granite tiles are imitation of natural granite texture, granite stone is no color stripes, most of them only have colored spots, and some are solid colors, so the decorative effect is more elegant, simple, durable, stylish, low-key luxury. Marble tiles, like the color texture of natural marble, are more varied, bold and exaggerated, suitable for luxurious, magnificent style.

The texture is different: most of the granite is the whole body tile, and the marble is the glazed brick. Compared with glazed tiles, the whole body tiles are harder, acid-resistant, wear-resistant and have good anti-slip properties. They can be used for interior decoration as well as outdoor, public areas and commercial spaces.

Application area: Marble tiles are mainly used indoors, granite tiles are not limited, they are high-grade finish materials. The use of marble and granite for interior and exterior finishes is good and durable, but it is expensive, so it is often used in projects with high public buildings and decorative grades.

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