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Processing steps of granite sheet
Feb 10, 2018

(1) using two-way machine to cut granite blocks into a 10mm thickness of the wool plate.

(2) through the automatic unloading machine to transport the hair plate to the transverse cutting machine, from the transverse cutting machine cut off the two ends of the hair plate irregular end, make it into a rectangle, and the conveyor belt to the regular plate to the school plane.

(3) Leveling machine to the plate, and ensure the flatness and uniform thickness of the sheet.

(4) The plate is transported to the grinding and polishing line, and the first 10 grinding heads are made to grind the sheet.

(5) Removal of impurities from the surface of the sheet by a blower.

(6) Polishing of the last 4 polished discs on the polished line made of lead and felt.

(7) Cutting the thin plate into the specification sheet by transverse cutting machine.

(8) Grinding, chamfering, grooving, cleaning and drying of thin plates by edging chamfering machine.

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