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Marble Floor Tile Okay
Feb 10, 2018

1. No deformation. Through long-term natural aging, the structure is homogeneous, the coefficient is very small, the internal stress disappears completely and does not deform.

2. High hardness. The rigidity is good, the hardness is high, the abrasion resistance is strong, the temperature deformation is small.

3. Long service life. No oil, not easy to sticky dust, maintenance, easy maintenance, long service life.

4, there will be no scratches. No scratches, no constant temperature conditions to prevent, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.

5, not magnetization. Measurement can be smooth movement, no creaky sense, not affected by the humidity, the plane said set. Physical properties: Specific gravity 2970-3070kg/m3; compressive strength: 2500-2600kg/cm3; elasticity coefficient: 1.3-1.5x106kg/cm2 water absorption rate.

6, marble plate colorful, tonal diversity, no one of the same pattern, which is the precious marble plate charm.

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