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How to prevent marble radiation
Feb 10, 2018

Generally speaking, the radioactivity of marble is lower than the activity degree, overlap was not. According to the National Building Materials Bureau Geological Exploration Center, Ministry of Health Industrial Hygiene Laboratory test data show: The specific activity of granite stone is higher than that of marble and slate, and the radiation is stronger; from the stone color look, granite radioactivity than activity, white, black gray white light red red, and imported stone of radioactivity than activity, Relative to domestic stone to high.

1. open Window Ventilation

If you do not understand the natural stone containing radioactive material, the use of marble materials, there is no need to panic, the industry said, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep indoor air fresh.

2. choose less contact places

"Any decorative material has natural radioactivity, which is more harmful than standard." "Floating window sill surface, the background wall is the use of stone more places, if there are concerns about radioactivity, consumers can choose in the living room and other public areas such as the use of stone, in the bedroom as little as possible."

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