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Granite to buy Notice
Feb 10, 2018

1, check the stone provided for natural stone, its material performance is satisfied or better than natural granite (jb/t 7974-2001).

2, quality inspection requirements: The overall size of the specified value or allow the deviation of the value of long ≤±1mm, wide, thick ±1mm, surface smoothness of the specified value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm, the diagonal specified value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm.

3, the appearance of granite platform for the quality of the product, the color of the block, chromatic aberration, pattern is compatible, uniform.

4, the platform surface whether there is lack of edges, horns, cracks, stains, color lines, pits appearance defects.

5, whether the surface of the platform brushing six stone protection paint, to ensure that the stone waterproof, anti-fouling performance.

6, stone whether through the National Stone Quality Monitoring Center of the relevant inspection, including physical, radioactive, freezing and thawing, and has a close inspection report.

7, Stone origin and name.

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