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Four major differences between natural marble and granite
Jun 15, 2018

Four major differences between natural marble and granite

Marble and granite are stone materials, and they all have patterns. Many consumers often can't tell the difference between the two. In fact, the difference between granite and marble is very much, it is two kinds of different stone. Today, Stonenet Xiaobian came to tell everyone about the three differences between granite and marble.


    The difference between granite and marble one: Stone properties


    The method of visually distinguishing marble from granite is to look at their patterns. Yes, there are patterns on granite and marble, but because of the different nature of the two types of stone, granite is a igneous rock, and marble is a metamorphic rock, so the pattern difference between them is obvious. The pattern of marble changes, the line pattern is smooth and freehand, and the color changes are rich. The pattern of granite is spot-like, no obvious patterning, and the color is generally white and gray, very single.


    The hardness of granite is medium hard, and marble is a kind of soft stone, which is not as hard as granite. However, this also results in the limited plasticity of granite, which is easy to process in marble and is used more widely in decorative designs.


    The difference between granite and marble II: scope of use


    The most obvious difference between granite and marble is that one is used outdoors and the other is used indoors. The natural stone that is seen in the interior is mostly marble, while the natural stone that is spotted on the outdoor pavement is granite.


    Why is there such a clear distinction between places? It was originally determined by the radioactivity of the stone. The radioactivity of granite is relatively large, causing great bodily harm to people, so it cannot be used indoors and can only be installed outdoors. The marble's low radioactivity is used in indoor safety is relatively high. And the marble pattern is beautiful, suitable for interior decoration.


    The land of marble is exquisite, smooth and clean as a mirror, and it is widely used in the field of art. There is a huge and beautiful marble screen in the Great Hall of the People.


    The difference between granite and marble III: price differences


    Although both granite and marble are premium stone products, the prices of the two are very different.


    The granite pattern is single, the color change is small, and the decoration is not strong. The advantages are rugged, not easily damaged, and will not be stained. However, because of the large amount of radioactivity, it can only be used in outdoor open spaces and the scope of application is limited. Granite ranges from a few tens of yuan to 300 yuan. The rough surface is cheaper and the glossy surface is more expensive.


    The texture of marble is smooth and delicate, and the texture changes abundantly. The boutique has the charming and beautiful pattern of landscape painting. Marble is an artistic stone. The price of marble ranges from 100 yuan to 2,000 yuan. According to different production areas, the price difference between different quality is very large.


    From the differences in characteristics, roles, and prices, we can see that the difference between the two is still very obvious. I hope the above content will help you distinguish between marble and granite.


    Difference between Granite and Marble IV: Radioactivity Comparison


    Stone radioactivity has always been a matter of concern to consumers. Yes, natural stone does exist in radioactivity. Natural substances and radioactivity are everywhere. The only difference is the size. The same is true for natural stone, and the radioactivity of marble and granite is different. The stone radiation theory that has been hotly frittered over a period of time is talking about the stone color change in the home improvement market, but fortunately the marble stands out. Under the joint efforts of stone people, the national authority department issued a paper of natural marble radiation safety exemption inspection. The certificate sets the heart of many home improvement consumers. Compared to marble, the granite has a larger radiation gap, and the grades are A/B/C. The marble is usually unified as A grade and the decoration is not limited. The specific situation is shown in the following table:


    Which is divided into A, B, C three levels.


    Radiation values such as building materials in the category A range, the scope of use is not limited, suitable for use in any place.

    Class B building materials are limited to use outside the bedroom.

    Class C building materials are only suitable for outdoor or other uses.

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